Amanda Bilello


Tyler Van Buren


Apple Of My Eye

As told by Tyler

Keep in mind that Amanda is the planner in the relationship, so she always joked with Tyler that whenever he decided to propose, he wouldn't be able to surprise her. Although, as it turns out, he was.

Each Fall, Tyler and Amanda would go apple picking with Amanda's family and he thought it would be the perfect venue to propose. The memory of picking apples from the endless rows of trees on a farm out in Eastern Long Island while the sun was shining down and the air was crisp was one of the more romantic and appealing settings to Tyler.

Unfortunately, Tyler ran into a couple road blocks along the way. First, given that it was the end of October, it just so happened that virtually all of the farms on the North Fork were picked clean of apples. This forced Tyler to get creative and change venues to the South Fork. Second, the weather forecast was bleak and called for rain and thunderstorms all day long. This made it very challenging to convince Amanda to go out east to pick apples.

In the end however, Tyler was able to find a farm that still had fresh apples -- Milk Pail Orchards in Watermill near the Hamptons -- and he was able to convince Amanda to brave the weather. As Tyler, Amanda and family were nearly 30 minutes away from the orchard, the clouds parted allowing just enough time for Tyler to propose in front of Amanda's family. The setting was just as beautiful as Tyler had hoped and Amanda of course said yes!
Fig and Cotton