Amanda Bilello


Tyler Van Buren

Amanda Bilello and Tyler Van Buren

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Our Story

Amanda and Tyler met in July 2013. Amanda was about to start her first job out of college and was moving to Manhattan in the Fall. Tyler, a California native, moved across the country almost 2 years prior to pursue his career in Finance. Living in Long Island, Amanda would frequently venture into the city with friends to party. Amanda and Tyler's story began on a Saturday night at a rooftop lounge in Hell's Kitchen. Amanda and her friends were waiting for drinks at the bar and Tyler and his friends were a few feet away. One of Amanda's friends drunkenly introduced them and they spent the rest of the night talking and dancing. They exchanged numbers, shared a kiss and went their separate ways. A week went by and Amanda hadn't heard from Tyler. She was back in the city having dinner with friends and was persuaded to text him first. She did and as they say, the rest is history.

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